Fragile Pampas

Bio Frequency Therapy

“The Foundation of everything that appears in our Physical Body begins in the energy fields” - Dr. Nikola Tesla

Dr. Kathlynn Hoch D.C. has joined our team!


With over 30 years experience in the Wellness and Health Industry as a Chiropractor, Wellness Practitioner and Clinical Acupuncturist. 
Dr. Kathlynn Hoch will be offering  Bio Frequency  treatments using  individual micro current  modality. 


This Treatment helps: 


Your Bio Energetic Fields

To support and help with mental and physical exhaustion

Anxiety & Stress



Arthritic Pain

Immune system balanace 

Overall balance of chakras and meridians 

Return to optimum health and vitality 


This is a revolutionary treatment using your own cellular frequencies to help heal and restore your health. 


Book a treatment today and feel the difference! 

45 min. $45
Treament Packages Available

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