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Holistic Healing

Crystal  Reiki

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of energy healing where the universal life force flows freely from the hands of the practitioner throughout the client. Reiki has been used for centuries in aiding with many ailments such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, physical pain, headaches etc. When adding in the healing properties of crystals the healing energy is amplified. Crystals will be placed on and around your body to bring alignment within your chakras and nervous system.  60 mins $99

Hot Stone Massage

Warmed basalt stones radiate a soothing heat that encourages deep relaxation of the muscles and the mind. 

60 mins $99

Gua Sha Facial & Full Body Massage

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese form of massage that uses specially designed tools made from Jade crystal. These tools are used to sculpt and detoxify your body and face. Gua Sha has become popular for its natural ability to give you a face-lift through specialized motions. Gua Sha promotes lymphatic draining and the reduction of bloating.

Gua Sha can have very impressive results especially if performed regularly. Gua Sha stimulates circulation which leads to a higher production of collagen. It also decreases inflammation and reduces dark circles while sculpting your facial muscles.

Benefits of Gua Sha:

  • Releases Tension

  • Detoxification

  • Natural Facelift

  • Glowing Skin

  60 mins $99

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Wonder Face Lift

The Wonder Lift Facial Treatment is a rejuvenating holistic massage that combines the ancient disciplines of Japanese facial massage, acupressure and Indian Head massage.

The Wonder Lift Facial Treatment uses a system of gentle pressure and massage techniques to:

  • relax the muscles

  • untangle and mobilize the fibres

  • restore suppleness and energy flow

  • improve the complexion and skin tone

  • encourage tissues, muscles and skin to return to elasticity

  • cleanse and stimulate the  flow of lymph to eliminate toxins

  • release the face from ingrained expressions and deep seated tensions

Wonder Face Lift is for you if you’re looking for a holistic and non-invasive facial lift that will leave you feeling soothed and your skin more taut and rejuvenated.

  60 mins $99

Sound Healing

Sound healing is the use of specific instruments, music, tones, and other sonic vibrations to balance and heal the body, mind, and spirit. It involves using specialized sound frequencies to create a therapeutic atmosphere to promote deep rest, nervous system rebalancing, and emotional release.

It involves using specialized sound frequencies to create a therapeutic atmosphere to promote deep rest, nervous system rebalancing, and emotional release. Through the use of crystal sound bowls, tuning forks, and specific sound frequency you will enjoy the benefits of:

  • Reduced stress.

  • Fewer mood swings.

  • Lower blood pressure.

  • Lower cholesterol levels.

  • Better pain management.

  • Reduced risk of strokes and coronary artery disease.

  • Improved sleep.

Warm and soothe your body with this specialized, unique experience.

60 min $99  * Couples Treatment available

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Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is an ancient therapeutic practice used in India for over 2,000 years, usually by mothers with their daughters. It is part of the practice of medicine called Ayurveda, which aims to promote a long healthy life and balance the body’s energies. It was often used with spices and herbs that would promote good health and skin.

A typical Indian head massage treatment, usually starts with the shoulders, working into this area especially as it often holds a lot of tension. Following this, flowing motions will move up the neck massaging and stretching to relieve any stress and tension. Finally, the scalp is then massaged along the acupressure points on the head, followed up by the forehead and the area around the eyes. Some of the many benefits of an Indian Head Massage are:

  • Promotes hair growth by increasing oxygen in the hair follicles which stimulates growth and health.  

  • Prevents headaches and migraines by releasing built-up tension in the head and neck area and relieving muscle stiffness 

  • Renews and balances energy levels by working with the three higher chakras 

  • Relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety through relaxation 

  • Boosts memory capabilities by relieving stress and quieting the mind  

  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage by circulating blood to the neck area 

  • Better sleep by reducing stress 

  • Improves circulation of cerebrospinal fluid

60 min $99 

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