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Dermaplaning 101

Did you know that right now, at this very moment, as you sit and read this blog, that you have layers upon layers of dead skin cells sitting on your face? Yuck! Did you know that these dead skin cells are most likely contributing to some of your biggest skin concerns—fine lines, acne, and dullness, to name a few.

By now, you’re probably having a small internal crisis. Fear not! We have a simple and effective solution. Dermaplaning!

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning uses a fine, medical-grade scalpel to gently remove the top layer of dead skin as well as get rid of vellus hair—AKA peach fuzz. The aesthetician simply abrades the skin using light, delicate strokes to scrape off the dead cells and hair. It may sound scary, but it is done in a very safe, controlled, and precise manner to ensure your skin is left smooth and supple to the touch!

Benefits of Dermaplaning:

There are many great benefits to dermaplaning, such as:

· Brighter looking skin

· Makeup applies smoothly

· Diminishes fine lines

· Reduces the appearance of pigmentation

· No down time after treatment

· Temporary removal of peach fuzz

Also, on that last note, your hair will NOT grow back thicker and darker after Dermaplaning! Vellus hair (peach fuzz) is completely different than terminal hair, which is what is found on your legs, underarms, and many other areas. So fret not, your skin WILL thank you for trying out this service!

Dermaplaning is most effective for those with mild sun damage, fine lines, dry patches and dull skin.

Things to consider before Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is safe for almost any skin type—we would confidently recommend it to 90% of our clients as a service on its own, or as an add on to any facial treatment here at the spa.

However, there are always things to consider. If you suffer from highly sensitive or reactive skin, dermaplaning may not be for you. If you have conditions such as rosacea or highly inflamed acne, we might recommend skipping dermaplaning and opting for something more soothing (don’t worry- we have treatments for you too!).

At The Spa Room, we offer a wide range of customized treatments and products for your skin. If you’re unsure of what your skincare needs may be, contact us! We want you to love the skin you’re in.

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