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Fall Manicure Inspo

Fall is here again! While it’s always hard to let go of another beautiful summer, there is something quite wonderful about scented candles, coloured leaves and sweater weather. The changing of seasons is a great opportunity to refresh your décor, your wardrobe, and most importantly, your nails!

If you’re looking to complete your fall look with a trendy, seasonal manicure, here’s what we’re loving this year.


There is nothing quite like a crisp red nail polish to welcome fall into your life. A deep red nail will help remind you of that beautiful, crisp hike you took over the weekend at MacGregor park, or the delicious candy apple you enjoyed at PumpkinFest.

Bonus tip: If you typically prefer your nails to be on the subtle side, but want to try something different with a bold fall colour, adding a matte top coat could be the perfect in-between for you.


Green is another great colour for fall. If you keep your nails done around the clock, you probably lost sign of green through all of the bright, summer colours. Fall is the perfect season to get back into your favourite deep, rich shades.

Oranges, Yellows & Browns

Orange, yellow and brown, otherwise known as the “Fall trifecta” will have your nails feeling like a fresh pile of leaves, a cool afternoon at the pumpkin patch, or Thanksgiving dinner décor. Whether you choose one, or mix and match all 3 colours, choosing these nail colours will have you feeling ready for the season.


Nudes are an appropriate colour for every season, which is why we love them. Even if you are a nude-enthusiast when it comes to your nails, there are still ways to switch it up for fall. Rather than a pink or cream nude, try switching to a beige or brown.

Nail art

This year, we’re loving any and all fall nail art. Whether you’re looking for a bold plaid, a cute pumpkin or fox, or a subtle glitter Ombre, we highly recommend a fall accent nail to complete your mani.

Not sure what to do with your nails for fall? Don’t worry! Our aestheticians are experts when it comes to nails & polishes. We’d be happy to help you choose something you love! To book for fall mani or pedi at The Spa Room, click here.

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