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How to Maintain Healthy Nails Between Manicures

There is no feeling quite like walking out of your spa with a fresh manicure. Having dolled up nails help to make your hands not only look great, but also help with nail health. Some signs of healthy nails include:

· Pink/white nail plates

· Nails and tips are even lengths and growing healthily

· Cuticles are present but not overgrown

However, for those of you who keep your nails polished on a regular basis, it can be difficult to catch the signs of unhealthy nails. Some signs include:

· Peeling or splitting

· Small white spots (which can indicate they are being painted too often)

· Irritated skin around nails

· Horizontal grooves in the nails

If you’re worried about your nail health, here are a few tips to keep them healthy and happy.

Keep your hands clean

Not only should you keep clean hands for prevention of germs and bacteria, it also helps to keep your nails healthy! Make sure you are cleaning under and around your nails daily.

Avoid picking and pulling

Picking your nails too low can not only cause irritation and discomfort, but also ingrown nails, and in severe cases, infection. Picking the skin around your nails can also cause hang nails and irritation.

Avoid picking at all costs!

Keep your nails trimmed and filed

Regardless of your lifestyle, your nails likely get a fair amount of wear and tear. Getting a chip at the end of your nail could lead to a large tear if not treated properly. We recommend keeping a nail file on hand whenever possible, and keeping your nails trimmed and filed on a regular basis to avoid this disaster.

Stay moisturized

Dry skin leads to peeling, flaking, and worst of all, picking of the skin around the nails. This tip is simple—keep your hands hydrated!

Give your nails a break

As wonderful as it is to have your nails perfectly polished, they do need a break now and again. This isn’t to say you should cancel your regular manicure appointment, just skip the polish once in a while and opt for a base coat or clear gloss to keep your nails healthy.

At The Spa Room, we offer a wide range of customized treatments for your hand and feel. If you’re unsure of what your nail care needs may be, contact us!

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