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Laser Facial Treatment


Revitalize your skin with our comprehensive laser and pigmentation services, tailored to address a variety of concerns. Experience radiant skin with our photo facials targeting sun damage and signs of aging. Enhance your features with micropigmentation for long-lasting definition. Embrace natural beauty with semi-permanent freckles. Combat vascular issues with precision treatments for restored skin clarity. Trust our skilled professionals for personalized solutions and flawless, luminous skin.

Laser & Pigmentation

Photo Laser Treatments

Indulge in our transformative photo laser facial, where advanced light technology revitalizes your skin. Targeting sun damage, uneven tone, and signs of aging, this rejuvenating treatment leaves you with a luminous complexion. Say goodbye to imperfections and hello to renewed radiance as our skilled professionals tailor each session to reveal your natural beauty.

Full Face/Neck  -  Hands  -  Spot Treatments


This is a procedure that is for men and women that wish to have a fuller look in their hair. If you want a
perfect beard or hair line, have bald spots, or spots where the hair is thinning. It’s done by mimicking the
hair growth by either adding the appearance of hair follicles where no hair is growing or hair strokes in
longer hair.  A consult is required to determine the time and cost of the procedure.


Different light wavelengths are used to treat a range of different vascular and pigmented problems including: spider or thread veins, port wine stains, rosacea, spider naevus, age or liver spots, solar keratosis, freckles, pigmented birthmarks, warts, verrucae, some scars and stretch marks.

Image before and after spot melasma pigmentation facial treatment on middle age asian woma
Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal
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Semi Permanent

Freckles are trending right now! Seems like everyone wants the sun kissed marks. Marks are made to
your agreeance and then filled with pigment to give the appearance that you have real freckles. This is a
semi permanent procedure, and your tech will go over your skin care routine to see if any adjustments
need to be made so you make the best life out of your new freckles.

Full Face   -   Check & Nose   -  Scattered

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